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If you would like to help to financially support the aims of the Church of Peace, either for a one-time donation or on a regular basis, please contact us.

The elders of the Church of Peace volunteer their time free of charge. Your financial support can help to ensure this continues to happen and that we can offer support to those in the community that need it.

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Church Of Peace History  

We opened our doors for the first time on Sunday 7th May 2017 with the hope of being a sanctuary for those who need something different and a new direction.

We are for now a small happy Church, and have made a promise to keep the doors open for all who need some Peace, Healing, and Compassion, or Fellowship through whatever their life has thrown at them.

Channeled Guidance is always available to all who join us

We run a raffle each month and the money from this is given back to those in the community, who need a little hand up